GAMES: Changing Life through Gaming

July 29th, 2007 by Susan

Very strange: I’m watching people at the WSVG ’07 watching people play people. 

In the first "event" I caught, it was a boxing match and two players chose their characters and well, boxed them.  After the fight, the two discussed why they chose their particular characters and mentioned their particular skills (programmed in?) so that it’s the computer programmed character as well as the player who has input on the result. 

CBS World of Sports (and Intel) hosts this event, so I consider gaming then to be a "sport."  Now boxing isn’t the particular sporting event I would tend to either watch in reality, as I feel it’s ridiculous to allow two people to beat each other up for "sport" and entertainment while you’d be arrested for punching a guy who made a remark about your wife or mother.  But let’s just look at the pros and cons of gaming as a substitute for the real thing. 

For one thing, nobody really gets physically hurt.  That’s a good thing.  But the entire sport has changed (and this would apply to all except virtual reality games) from throwing a physical punch to an entirely different move of either clicking or moving a joystick. 

I gotta think some more.

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