PLANNING: Getting Back in the Groove

July 22nd, 2007 by Susan

With the clouds thinning out to wispy threads streaming south in the sky of my mind, I’ve once again clicked open the Alice software and diddled around in it just reacquainting myself with its format. There’s Socrates standing in the middle of the garden, hailing a rather odd character that’s unsure of his surroundings as he enters and approaches the other man.  In another scenario, there are a man and woman with their arms at odd angles standing hip-high in a maze. 

What was I thinking?

Slowly it all comes back to me and it turns from a spectator sport to movie director.  Now I need the key grip, the cameraman, lighting and more to bring it back to life.

A quick flip through the Learning to Program with Alice book is inspiring with its simple-looking directions and wonderful full color images that are meant not to intimidate but to welcome an attitude of learning. 

A sky?  Maybe better: an ocean of mind, where the flotsam and jetsom of shipwrecks bounce away on the waves of time.  Crystal blue waters that beg exploration, flashes of bright colored fish darting around, and a promise of treasure below.

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