PLANNING: Learning

July 5th, 2007 by Susan

Working with Alice, gathering and molding ideas that are glimmers of thought that could be even a small part of the big picture of a project, I find myself learning from nature too, just watching movement, motion, credibility we take for granted in a real world that can be mimicked or manipulated in a created one.

The Cardinal births seem to be two boys and a girl this year, though I can’t be quite sure until I see two of the same sex together in their feather-color-changing adolescence.  Even without the obvious I can still tell the young from their parents in their behavior.  One young male took a long time to get over that creepy, funny sensation of standing on birdseed at the feeder and preferred the sorting through the empty and the fallen seeds on the ground below.  One male just couldn’t get the hang of landing.  He’d swoop down from the spruce tree or in from the peaches, overshoot the mark and I’d watch as the bush swayed and ruffled against his rough flight as he’d spit out the other end and finally land in the next shrub over.  Yes, I laughed.  Quietly, to myself so as not to embarrass him.  But I also learned the flight of a something that was just an egg a few weeks ago and learning to maneuver in his world.  Motion.  Movement.  Not always smooth and flowing.

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