January 30th, 2008 by Susan

Of course I’m subscribed to all the feeds on what’s available for my new MacBook, but I find some interesting stuff on other Mac-user blogs.

I’m going to check out these organizing items from Mike Arnzen at Pedablogue.  I suspect that Eastgate’s Tinderbox may be something extremely valuable as well. 

Very often one will try out anything that looks like a good possibility and helpful assistant in freebies–as long as they’re safely free from virus or adspam, and that usually depends upon the site from which one downloads.  I’ve signed on to several different communication means such as Twitter and Skype, then find even more.  Some will be used regularly, others may be dropped.  One of the major considerations right now for the Mac is the office program that I’ll eventually end up with as the main use.  There are several ways to go, and with the other four computers running Windows, I may end up with it on the Mac as well.  But I am trying out Pages with the iWork program, and I do have the 30-day free trial with Windows Office for Mac running.

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