HYPERTEXT: A Bottle of Beer – Closing in on Story

March 3rd, 2008 by susan

First of all, a new mapview, though it doesn’t include all the ending boxes at the bottom of the screen:


And this, in filling out story with tidbits of information:

Herve was not only a selfish cabron,
he was stingy and stupid as well. The beautiful furniture he had made
for their home was only done because he refused to buy any at all.  God
had blessed his hands with great talent in carpentry and for that,
Yolanda was grateful.

Such sensitive hands, she thought,
that could feel the beauty of grain and of texture and shape, yet never
learned how to pleasure a woman.

I just love it.  I love working in this and I love developing story via the hypertext form and structure.  It doesn’t ask for the whole thing at once; which is good because I never know what that is.  It tweaks and teases it out of me, much as a teacher with student.

Going back and changing, rewriting, shining things up a bit, but more just to stay in the flavor of story since Yolanda’s story is about to come to an end.

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