HYPERTEXT: Hypertextopia Newies

March 19th, 2008 by susan

Some neat new pieces up at Hypertextopia, though some are just in the beginning stages.  One of the things about Hypertextopia is that at some point in writing and editing, it is easier to read as a reader sees the piece presented, rather than as the writer, opening and closing the writing text boxes.  This means that it need be ‘published’ and though it’s easy enough to toggle between published and unpublished, the writer in you sorta makes it hard to turn off…

While there are a few there that are evidently abandoned–and that’s just an indication of writer choice in developing an affinity for writing within the hypertext environment.  Some love it, some just don’t, and that’s fine.  But some of the new pieces are really intriguing.

Jeremy, the creator of Hypertextopia has a piece entitled Saint EMC2 that has some lovely language:

Silver like this:

Like the thousand fishes’ skin.
Like smiling through tears.
Like staring at the spotlight, your first night on stage.
Like gunmetal.

Rebecca Bland has a first piece up titled The Possibilities of No, and I was surprised and flattered to see the second Fragment box titled "A Bottle of Beer."  There’s some nice stuff here:

The cigarette she held between her fingers continued to burn down. She
watched as the ash was whisked away by a quick breeze, wishing that she
could do the same.

I’m glad to see more folks trying their skills out on the hypertext medium. All the published pieces can be viewed at the Hypercompendia Grand Library.

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