INTERACTIVE FICTION: Interealm’s Journeymaker

January 25th, 2009 by Susan

Just about to download this Journeymaker software and give it a whirl. While the examples shown are not really what I’m interested in, the one that made me think along the lines of a visual comic-book type IF narrative game is the one called University Chapter Zero: Prelude and it’s got my attention on the creative end as well as the playful instinct. Here are a couple screenshots from this IF game:

It’s cheap enough at $20.99 plus it has a free demo option available and a 5-user special price of $39.99. One of the things I notices was an ability by menu to choose action, i.e., “allow this if this and this are in place” type of thing.  I’ll play a bit and report on it’s use and the project.

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