February 24th, 2009 by susan

Seeking, trying, learning, doing; a long and tedious process for but the simplest thing; simple, that is, if you know what you’re doing.

Got it though; in changing the basic links to the arrow, it bothered me more and more to see those links all in red when this story–and likely this is one of few hypertexts that will be so utterly dependent on link-color to help tell a story–remained red.

So I explored a bit and found that a few simple tags could be entered within the html templates (individually for now) to change the text to what I wanted. For the links (from the main narrative line to the ‘asides’) I placed font code within the link code:

<p>She half-awoke angrily, as if someone had <a href=””><font color=”#00ff00″>shoved</font></a> her.</p>


Then, for the ‘aside’ lexia itself, which is coded green from the above link “shoved”, I placed the following code at the beginning of the BODY heading, closing the tag with the final </font></p> in the lexia:


<p><font color=”#0000ff”>
<p>Not a good night for hunting, the moon full tricky with shadows and the jackal appeared double his size. His yellow grey fur was matted with burrs and dried blood.  He stunk of three days of mating with females stringy and old.  But he also was long past his prime.  His tail hung in tatters, one rear leg was shriveled and slow, many of his teeth had rotted in pain and his right ear hung folded in half.</p>

<p>Out here, life was hard for the healthy.  For the old, it was keep moving or die.</font></p>

To come up with this:


And though these changes aren’t being made on-site, but rather on-desktop for now, they’ll be uploaded as soon as I figure out borders. Ain’t life grand?

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