February 16th, 2009 by susan

This is more for my own info: Without understanding the problem with the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ links not pointing anywhere near where they either should, or as I suspected, from the last reading I made prior to turning the thing over to the html templates, I eliminated the problem for now by switching to the basic instead of the basic-plus template. For this particular piece, because it’s basically linear, it solves the immediate problem of confusion. I’ll work it out after.

The other problem I had with two of the lexias returning in a 404 – not found page, I believe it was a case of one instance of two lexias named the same–regardless of the upper or lower case difference–and in the other, actually three named alike. I believe that when the piece was converted to html it disregarded the duplicates (since I didn’t find the html files in duplicates) and so in running through the piece, those lexias were indeed missing. Simple renaming solved that problem.

Now I’m on to presentation. Changing background color, font, size of page–or size of text space, font color, and the inclusion of images. Glad I have this short, simple Bottle of Beer piece to play with to learn the basics before transferring something as large as Paths which is also fairly a simple piece compared to most hypertext stories, but would be quite complicated to work with until I know my way around html and stylesheets a bit better.

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