HYPERTEXT & CODE: The Golden Grid

March 31st, 2009 by susan

After a quick look at the stylesheet for the basic golden grid, I think it would answer some of my questions about setting up a cleaner css for what I want. It may point out the obvious way to apply attributes and values such as border style, text color, etc. that are uniform to the wider designation of positions without each having this list of properties.

Even though I’m not currently thinking along the line of the visual reasoning of the golden grid, I’ve already got nine positions that I think are pretty basic: left, center, right, top and bottom for each–not allowing for three positions vertically since most screens are still pretty short and wide–and a wider (400 px) version of each of the three main positions which will obviously not be used at the same time unless I want overlap.

It’s nice to look through the stylesheet, even (and maybe especially) in its overwritten condition and understand what all that stuff means.

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