NEW MEDIA: Never a Case of Either/Or

March 2nd, 2009 by susan

I’ve been checking my stats lately because of the changeover from Typepad to WordPress to see if and why Google searches still point to–and find!–old deleted posts on the Typepad versions of the weblogs. This search caught my eye: “interactive fiction versus storytron which is better.” Undoubtedly, it led the searcher to one of my many posts on either subject and left them there since further links from that web page were supposedly blocked (the files were actually all dumped, but the ghosts of posts still linger in the atmosphere), and since there’s no reasonable way of redirecting from Typepad to the WordPress mirror.

The particular search above gives me the willies; it would seem that the difference is obvious to anyone knowing anything about either project. While in many vague ways Storytron can be connected to IF in the meaning of “interactive,” they are really two separate animals when you consider that IF is largely felt to reference text-based adventure. Chris Crawford didn’t put ten years of his life into Storytron to merely come up with something “better” than interactive fiction. It also seems that a quick visit to the sites–that of Storytron and the many on IF–would reveal immediately that there’s apples and oranges here.

I suppose what bothers me most is not the question, but that an answer would not have been found before following the search that led someone to my site. And then, to be dropped off into the netherworld of impossible redirection because of Typepad’s stubborn manipulation. I wish I had had the foresight and the time to go through all 5500 entries (Spinning and Hypercompendia) to add a forwarding link on each post; I just never thought the old ones would still be floating around out there.

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