HYPERTEXT & 100 DAYS PROJECT: Thought Process

June 30th, 2009 by susan

063009hBecause I’ve put the hypertexts used in the 100 Days Project into my ongoing Hypercompendia weblog, these posts that are the usual are interspersed with the actual pieces but there’s nothing for it since ‘business’ goes on as usual.

The image above is Hypertext Story #40 Evilution 2 and as I’m working with it, I noticed that I had it sort of laid out as you would a garden, peas here where they’ll be over and done and pulled out of the way as the tomatoes take over; yet this “plot” was tilled and marked out before the story was more than a blip of idea.

The story is working itself into the form–which I might blushingly add, is against my theory that I’ve so adamantly expounded.

Weird, eh? Just when you’re thinkin’ you got a handle on it.

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