August 18th, 2009 by susan


88obedienceThe concept for this story came immediately even though it didn’t play itself out. Unfortunately, by the third writing space I’d realized it was too Psycho-similar. Changing characters midstream isn’t the easiest thing. With suggestions for an alien invasion or a Frenchman, I still wasn’t getting a grip. What finally helped produce a breakthrough if not a stellar story was a talking gerbil.

I’m learning that as one writes in hypertext, one knows where he’d like the reader to go back and not miss out on some interesting information. A writer doesn’t have to lead the reader too insistently, but rather give him second chances at a go-around that may take him on a different path. Don’t know if I’ll ever feel up to a hypertext novel after this project is done, but I know I’ve learned much about storytelling and about the hypertext form.

3 Responses to “100 DAYS PROJECT: #88”

  1. mary ellen Says:

    If I read between your lines correctly, are you actually stating that the writer has control, and can manipulate that control, to subvert the reader into preconceived paths? Good golly, Miss Molly, whatever would you-know-who think?!

  2. susan Says:

    The author wields the machete that cuts the paths. If he wishes to allow the reader to quench his thirst or take a swim, he’ll double back to the place where a choice leads to the water.

    And Roland can bite me.

  3. Mary Ellen Says:

    Kicking up my heels–because I’m rolling on the floor.

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