HYPERTEXT: Wordworking and Codeulating

September 16th, 2009 by susan

Ah, one would have thought that a summer spent daily in hypertexting would have been enough to run the well dry both narratively and fingerclickingkey coding. That overdose helped along by peeling barn paint, irate out-of-patience framing clients, and a spouse reduced down to a starved 90-lb weakling. So the end of summer promised hours of reading and getting things done.

However, life doesn’t follow linearity if you consider string theory and warp speeds. Life is hypertext. With four little words, a caret and apostrophe, Steve Ersinghaus set me back on the trail of the elusive specialized html export template. And I got a wonderful surprise email from Mark Bernstein with an extremely valuable critique on my latest Blueberry hypertext. Which means that I’m back to writing and coding.

And I am trying to get some time into reading. The book? Reading Hypertext.

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