October 27th, 2009 by susan

It looks like I won’t be planning to write a hypertext novel in November after all.

I’ve been vacillating on this, wanting to push myself into doing it just to get something going and to push the hypertext format unto a public that really doesn’t seem to be aware of it. NaNoWriMo would be a good opportunity to get it out in front of a huge audience through the forums, discussions and contact with thousands of writers who also might be willing to try their hand at it someday. And, it’d keep me in creative mode.

But it’s a huge undertaking and to be honest, whether it’s my writing or hypertext itself, I’ve only gotten two souls that offered encouragement. If I was deadset on doing it, then I wouldn’t need any support at all, but with my own flagging enthusiasm there was just not enough to keep me on track with a commitment.

But there’s plenty else to keep me busy; there are a number of techniques and coding styles that I need to learn (teach myself I guess!) and a lot of editing to do on any of the stories written during the 100 Days Project that I think are worth saving. And, I need to get back on track with my reading. So maybe next year, I’ll consider NaNoWriMo; if I haven’t already done a hypertext novel on my own initiative.

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