HYPERTEXT & WRITING: Rethinking Form

November 28th, 2009 by susan

Not really torn between the two worlds of linearity and random pattern, yet I do find that once immersed in one then the other is affected or abandoned.

With a new interest (or old one refueled) for the linear, straight unhypertexted story, I’m wondering about the need for a hypertext website for reading and writing, It’s so hard to get converts, to stir interest among the uninitiated, to maintain the interest of the new readers and writers into a long term relationship. I, clinger to the old ways that I am, am perhaps an anomaly wherein I approach the new with resistance that is eventually broken down into a form of love and loyalty that endures. Still…

I’m considering taking apart a few of my favorite hypertexts out of the one-hundred written over the summer and work them into a straight linear form. It’s necessary for me as a writer to have my work read and enjoyed, and unless and until I can overcome the reluctance of the masses to work with and become comfortable within the hypertext form, the mountain must come to Muhammad.

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