TINDERBOX: Organization

January 15th, 2010 by susan

Finally got around to some attempt at organizing my literary endeavors into some semblance of order with Tinderbox.

What I’ve come up with so far is a file called “Literary Endeavors” with containers labeled “Print Journals”, “Online Journals”, “New Media Journals”, and three more labeled “Print Stories”, “Hypertext”, and “Poetry”.

In the “Print Stories” container I’ve got notes for each of the stories I’ve written and within each will be the word count, genre, and maybe a separate note within each for where they’ve been submitted. Maybe all will be separate, so that they can easily be brought up according to genre, or word count or whatever since that will align with many publishing restrictions. The same format will be done with Poetry and Hypertext.

In the three main categories of journals, I’ll likely put in a note for which stories have been submitted and the dates of acceptance (Yay!) or rejection (Boo.).

This looks like a fun project to do between writing bouts and will prove invaluableĀ  now that I is a published writer.

4 Responses to “TINDERBOX: Organization”

  1. finnegan flawnt Says:

    fantastic, susan, i want to do this too. i write text mostly in ulysses which organises ‘projects’ but does not have this container tool. invaluable! and yay! to the published writer susan gibb!

  2. steve ersinghaus Says:

    Here’s where you start playing with questions. Create an agent and title it however you wish. Add this code to the query field:


    and see what shows up inside the agent.

  3. susan Says:

    Yes, this morning I added three agents titled “under 500” etc. and made them prototypes but that’s as far as I’d gotten. I’ll add the query now!

  4. susan Says:

    Finny, this should help me tremendously once I learn to connect the notes as Steve’s guiding me to do. I’ll be updating the project on this site as I go along so you can likely see what I’m doing.

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