June 27th, 2010 by susan

Finally got some time and mental energy today to go back and tackle the Agents feature of Tinderbox. With another bit of help from Steve Ersinghaus, I found the problem that had me stymied for a while this morning in the code string. Right now, I’m working with the current (summer 2010) project for which I’m writing a story each day.

I’d already separated the stories by Adornments into four categories of conflict but there were many more ways I wanted to sort them. So far, I’ve only got 37 stories, but there are a few I know I’d like to submit at some point and one that has already been taken for publication, so “Favorites” and “Published” became necessary Agents. The other obvious sort, geared towards the literary market, are “Word Count” and “Genre” as this would help me narrow down style of story and word count restrictions to the particular magazine.  These Agents will also be integrated into the “Literary Endeavors” Tinderbox file I have nearly complete as far as entries, as well as last year’s 100 hypertext stories from the 100 Days 2009 project.

Okay, so I cheated a lot on getting the agents to work by merely entering the text “Favorites” for example, into the box of the item, above the story, rather than properly create Attributes. That’ll come as soon as I’ve got all Agents set up and working here, and before I use that information in the other two project. I’m psyched!

2 Responses to “TINDERBOX & 100 DAYS PROJECT: Yo! I Got Agents!”

  1. Rich Says:

    Wanted to thank you for these blogs on using Tinderbox. I had intended to begin using, but my responsibilities dramatically changed in the past year, meaning I’m on the road 40% of the time, so haven’t dug into TB. But your articles are making thirst for it again.

  2. susan Says:

    Glad to hear that, Rich. Tinderbox is a complex program, yet if you approach it from a project and a “here’s what I’d like it to do” manner, it’s easier than you’d think. Maybe that’s just my way of learning, but I like to come at a program by jumping right into it and figuring out how to get it to do what I need, rather than try to understand the whole thing and then get into it. I love Tinderbox because it comes up with answers to all my questions.

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