October 7th, 2010 by susan

I was very good about reading and following step by step directions all the way through Chapter 1 (jQuery for Dummies). As soon as I go that down pat, I flipped through the pages before going on to Chapter 2. Chapter 7 caught my eye: Slidng and adding Web Page Elements.

I made another new test.html and while I had a small bit of trouble making it work right away, got an image to fade in (well it sort of came on rather quickly) like I was supposed to. And, I still understand what I’m doing. I had missed a closing tag }); which I didn’t realize I’d be duplicating and was supposed to do so. The instructions went on to get the image to fade in more quickly by adding the attribute (‘fast’), but since I thought it went too fast already, I tried adding in (‘slow’). Well it either worked and I should’ve given it another five minutes, or (‘slow’) isn’t accepted jQuery-talk.

Now I need to go back through Chapters 2 through 5 to see what I missed. Oh, and I’ve learned to save all the separate html templates and am clever enough to name them after the effect produced.

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