HYPERTEXT PROJECT 1 & CODE: Moving, Learning, Playing Around

October 8th, 2010 by susan

Can’t seem to easily drag a Storyspace piece, A Bottle of Beer, into Tinderbox, so I’ve been moving it a couple boxes at a time then reconnecting them. I’ve always liked this story, originally written using Hypertextopia (I’ve since taken it off the site), then put it into Storyspace. I’m moving it into Tinderbox because I think it’s the perfect piece to use some jQuery tricks to present it in a much neater way. Since the story is pretty linear with some sidenotes, I’d like those sidenotes to be set apart rather than construed as a part of the linear narrative.

Getting into the jQuery learning to a point where I kind of get what it does, where it belongs in the html page, and how it works together with the html to fine tune or call out a particular action. I think I’m seeking what would be called an “event,” something that will result in a change in the page when an action is performed by the reader of the web page.

Haven’t gotten into the HTML5 or CSS3 yet; I think that just refamiliarizing myself with coding right now and practicing that will put me in better shape to move on into those areas and the changes that have made these what they’ve become.

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