October 30th, 2010 by susan

A Bottle of Beer has been one of my most worked-on, revamped, and favorite hypertext stories and it’s great to have it in its most technologically advanced form yet. As I was all set now to wish it luck and wave it out the door I realized with surprise that it’s already made the rounds for submission  in its earliest forms to the few places that accept and present new media work.

Whoa. The years have flown by. There are a couple places where I haven’t sent it out but they are sites where it’s not really a good fit–even I know it before the editor’s gentle explanation returns it to my doorstep.

So while I’m still glad I’ve done all the work to bring it to this level since all writing and learning procedure is a step up on the next piece, it’s sort of sad that it’s just going to sit here unseen. So on to the next, I guess.

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