HYPERTEXT PROJECTS: Learning & Sharing

October 10th, 2010 by susan

I’ve decided that with two intense hypertext projects going on, it’d be a good idea to categorize them separately so updates make more sense.

Hypertext Project 2 is going to be a sharing experience, a website and book that will offer the reading and writing of hypertext narrative in an easy and inviting manner before it becomes all academic and technical. I’ve laid out an outline for the project in Tinderbox and have just started to write down some text, though I’m sure I’ll be gleaning much of it from previous postings over the years that follow my own journey through learning.

Hypertext Project 1 is another learning experience, that of graduating to HTML5 and CSS3 (though honestly, I learned just enough of the previous versions to be able to do what I wanted to accomplish) and jQuery.  So far, I’ve learned to Fade In and Out, and the Alert. But then, I jumped ahead a bit to the more interesting parts, which is typical in my learning pattern: I was once caught by the music teacher as playing a piece by ear since I couldn’t point to the spot on the page where I was supposed to be.

I’ve remarked any relative posts as such (or will within a few minutes)

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