HYPERTEXT: Stretchtext

October 19th, 2010 by susan

Finally got to spend some focused time on this and managed to get my text to stretch.

I’ve had some direction from Steve Ersinghaus and his example in his wonderful poem “That Night I Saw on my Homeward Way” (Published in Drunken Boat #10) but was never able to really understand how it worked, what files I needed and what code went where. It would have been easy enough to just copy, but I really didn’t understand what I would be doing.

After reading the Dummies book on jQuery, things started to make sense. I began to comprehend how jQuery is like a special instruction to modify the set instructions for the piece, just as special instructions as to color, text, spacing, etc. changes are placed in the header section to override the css.

Using A Bottle of Beer as my project, I’ve so far put in just one of the two spots that will employ stretchtext.I’ve yet to figure out putting two in the page, change the color of the background and text–or at least just the text, and, if possible, make it come out of the side rather than straight down.

As soon as I do a bit more work on the color and style, I’ll export and link the page to a post, or figure out how to make it work within a post.

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