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October 19th, 2010 by susan

Thanks to Dorothee Lang’s review of the Ars Electronica Prixars Competition for CyberArts I maneuvered around and found a most entrancing film clip by Spy Films that just took my breath away.

Without a single word of dialogue, a story of two strangers meeting is both beautifully and horrifically presented in Nuit Blanche. While the writer has described it asĀ  “(it) explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.” I would say, even after a single viewing, that there is so much more within it. For me, the car, the spilled wine, the flying glass, are metaphors for the trials and resulting wounds we suffer and heal from in life; something we all normally go through before those more rare moments of perfect alignment in time and connection with another human being. I see that instant of possibility and potential that can be life-changing, yet is often overseen or ignored.

Another great feature of this film is that there is a “How” it was produced film that is indeed fascinating (once you see the visual effects in the film, you’re going to want to know how they were accomplished). While the process is over my head, I can see that it is a combination of slow motion, and computer animation that brings about the resulting story, and that it entails an awful lot of work and talent and skill to accomplish.

Absolutely awesome piece.

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