NEW MEDIA – Morpheus – Looking at the work space

March 7th, 2011 by susan

Found out that yes, I can do a series of images into Morpheus though I haven’t finished the sequence. What concerned me was that I wanted to be able to replicate (for now, as practice) the Recyling transition from face to fetus that needs to be done in stages. Since it follows the lines of a poem, the images relate to those specific lines, and this is what happens throughout that poem, from Poe turning into Jesus Christ, to the finale of tunnel to birth canal. This may come up in future work.

Evidently this can be done. I’ll have the short clip ready probably tomorrow, but the work area of the program, at the portion where I’m currently working–image three into image four– is below. What is being done is dots made on one image show up on the others (that follow), then those marker dots can be moved on the next image to bring them into sync when the sequence is run. More later.

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