NEW MEDIA – Morpheus Photo Mix

March 11th, 2011 by susan

Not as impressed at all with the photo mix feature. While I did not select maybe the best to work from and don’t have the experience yet to have that in mind prior to selection, it seems that while features such as nose, eyes, mouth, can be spot on, the rest of the images just sort of overlay each other and end up looking weird. The samples provided in the tutorial look to have some more work done on the backgrounds that I haven’t quite figured out, so practice may be the key. The other possibility is to first make the images more alike via Photoshop, then put them into Morpheus. Then again, I think Photoshop may already have a morph feature.

Anyway, here’s the layout with the final in the preview window at the bottom right. I think I’ll play a bit more with the warp feature, and maybe a little with the morph again before I stock this experience for the future.

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