HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: And NOT Making My Own Music:

April 21st, 2012 by susan

Played in Garage Band a little, along with a couple online audio programs. I am not and never will be even a virtual musician.

Don’t know why I even thought of being able to make anything even reasonable useable to use for this project. Don’t think that even with a real guitar I could make enough snippets and strums and plinks to put together a decent sounding background.

That said, and while I’m not giving up on Garage Band just to be able to learn the program, I’ve gone ahead with what I’ve got and will keep this audio-enhanced copy for my listening pleasure alone while seeking out something that at least is professionally played in the public domain, or someone willing to sit with a guitar and strum and plink something original for me.

Did export all the .wav files through Audacity into mp3 files, and finished assigning segments to the pages of the entire piece though I haven’t edited them.

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