HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: Changing Code to Suit Access

April 15th, 2012 by susan

Successfully changed coding for the drive to:

<a href=”file:///volumes/beer/abobDrive/abottleofbeer.html”>

Next, I recoded links in the “abobMac” folder (on just the first five pages) on the thumbdrive to:

<ah ref=”file:///applications/abobMac/abottleofbeer.html”>

and copied and pasted it into the Appllications folder on my Mac. It works, but I see one minor problem that can easily be fixed (and I’m glad I didn’t recode each of the 30 or so pages).

The problem is that once the folder “abobMac” is opened in the Applications file, the user is hit with a display of each and every file included in the work. Rather than list a starting spot (as “abottleofbeer.html”) in a “readme” file, I think I need to design a more obvious icon-like starting file with a more obvious name, i.e., “A Bottle of Beer.”

Problem fixed (I think):


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