HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: Copyright Laws and Public Domain

April 21st, 2012 by susan

In searching for Public Domain Spanish guitar, I find that while songs in the U.S. produced before 1922 are fine, and other restrictions apply on international tunes, all this applies ONLY to the lyrics and score; NOT a recording thereof (as if I could find a 1921 recording of Spanish guitar anyway) and no recording made from a public domain piece (like somebody’s recording of Happy Birthday).

So that’s that.

Still wondering how Google has the right to scoop up images off my website, use a disclaimer that they “may be copyrighted” and find my canned peaches on somebody else’s weblog. Hmmph.
Bottom line: Have to find someone to sit and play something original (doesn’t need to be a plotted out tune) and record it.

Or give up the concept of using audio in my hypertexts. Yet, I’ve heard it in almost all new media pieces; how do they do it? Have to check that out.

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