HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: Finetuning and Learning

April 18th, 2012 by susan

Slowed down a bit on the excitement of pulling out snippets of song to match the hypertext pages of the narrative, since I’m waiting on whether or not I can use the audio file in the story, but I can’t let go of the whole project.

In reading through the text a dozen more times in syncing and noting down times, my inner editor is coming out and I’m going to be changing some wording I think.

Also, I am still working with the audio selection, just for the practice of it. If I need to change everything, then at least I’ll have mastered the Audacity program and will be able to move a bit faster. What I need to learn yet is volume control and as I mentioned before, fade. I don’t intend to mess with content as far as changing the original with bass, etc., though I did find particular sections that I would change around in sequence and repeat for dramatic effect in this particular piece, and likely in any that I will eventually use.

I’d love to tell you the artist and the piece I’ve been so crazy about, but until I hear, I think it’d be unfair to mention it.

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