HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: Just some tweaking with audio

April 20th, 2012 by susan

Have moved onto other things while I’m waiting on the audio, but have done a few things between yesterday and today.

In playing in Audacity, I’ve learned to section out a clip of an audio and save it to a .wav file to correspond with a page of the narrative. Learned to add in silence of a second or two and to fade in and out. Did re-read each of the 30 pages and timed again to double-check at least my own reading pace and it’s a good thing I did since some were more than 10 seconds different than the first reading. Then, in iTunes I was able to see the exact second count to match up approximate with the reading of each page.

Made a couple new audio .wav files to either clip off a recalcitrant note at the beginning or end or to seriously lengthen or shorten. Also messed up a few and lost a few, but all is well so far. So far being about halfway through the piece of hypertext.

Also on the audio, I was making .wav files because for some reason, Audacity couldn’t find the LAME library to encode into mp3 files, which should be shorter and take up less space. Found I had installed, but hadn’t “opened” the pkg file so I’ll see if it works now.

And, I guess I’ll wait another day or two before contacting the artist on the use of audio to confirm approval or denial for use though I have already started looking for other options (love “Annie’s Song” on Willie Nelson’s Teatro album too, but I don’t think I can ask for any use of that) in the public domain areas for Spanish guitar, and there’s always the possibility of begging some musician I know to come up with an original for me.

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