April 15th, 2012 by susan

Have found that the back/forward arrows DO work on the files, at least in the Mac/Applications file and the Drive file. I’ve yet to check it on the Windows platform but I’m sure it’ll work. Also want to change to maybe Chrome as the default browser there.

Have yet to put the correctly linked program into the Win PC. Had to take it off the thumbdrive, stick it on the Mac, change the links there, and somehow get it back onto the thumbdrive. There seems to be a problem where it wouldn’t even save changes on files there due to lack of space, and it isn’t noticing that I pulled off megabytes of stuff to make room. May clean off the whole drive again and replace the three file formats fresh.

If that all works, my next thing may be to burn it to a CD, with the proper adjustment in path (at least for the Drive folder). Then, something exciting: finding audio files to stick in!

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