HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: Slicing and Dicing Audio Files (and more)

April 17th, 2012 by susan

Spent the late evening and this morning’s early hours selecting seconds of audio and matching them up in separate .wav files with a page of hypertext. Redid many, over and over and over again, dumping in favor of creating something more in time with the reading (though I suspect my reading is varying in degree with each successive try, either I tend to scan, or completely hip-hop over words out of boredom with re-reading over and over again). And a break in mental focus brought me to web-surfing and a whole new problem. And a big one.

Copyright. I’m a hater of plagiarism and scoffing up someone’s work without credit so I was completely aware that I’d give due notice of the artist and recording at the end of the piece. However, I didn’t realize that the perfect song I’d downloaded was played (and probably written) by an outstanding professional Spanish guitar player. I can’t really go much further with my own work of weaving it into the hypertext without seeking and hopefully gaining his permission to do so! An email must be drafted and sent out asap.

Also tried again to connect a music .wav file to a link (preferably using the same link as a stretchtext link) but still lose all the text and instead gain an audio “player.” This is what I’d been trying (in the abob2 folder):

<a href=”file:///Users/smgct1/Desktop/abob2/Improviso 1.wav”> (and end tag)

What I get is an audio player playing the wav on a white blank page. All text disappears as it hops onto that, a new page, rather than the stretchtext.

I’m guessing that the code that makes it play in the head section, which is:

<EMBED src=”Improviso4.wav” autostart=true hidden=true>

can possibly be manipulated, maybe with the instructions (autostart or hidden) or used as a jQuery code (have to look into this–it’s been a while since I learned it and need to reacquaint myself with that) or the embedding tag.

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