April 21st, 2012 by susan

Went through the work I’ve done so far and will continue on just to learn the Audacity software.

Now that I have the .pkg opened, LAME is working just fine, I’ll be saving the snippets into mp3 files instead of .wav, and I’ll likely convert the .wav files to mp3s in order to compact the files a bit. One file alone went from 13mb to 1mb.

As well as seeking public domain guitar pieces, looking through “make your own music” sort of programs available online, as well as Garage Band on the Mac. Have never had any real musical ability–cheated and played by ear rather than following notes when I took both organ and guitar lessons. But it’s something to look into as an option.

Reading the text along with the music also gives me another sense of timing to the length of the pieces and with iTunes, a listing of the text pages,  am able to cut it a little closer using fades and silence in Audacity. While this work may all be for naught, it will have taught me better use of the sound programs and will make it much easier with another piece.

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