HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: When and How Much Audio?

April 16th, 2012 by susan

Timed a reading of A Bottle of Beer, complete with clicking all the links, and I’ve come up with around 23 minutes. I marked each page with the time count, in seconds, and what I’ll probably do is mark how much each one truly needs sound. Somewhere in between I wouldn’t mind either complete silence, an odd sound (like the ice cream truck–no, just kidding).

Second, I want to match the pace of the audio to the drama of the section of the story. While the musical piece I’ve selected is certainly near perfectly suited to the mood, there are some dramatic pauses and some sections with a quicker tempo.

Third, While I’ve timed my reading of the piece, everyone reads at a different pace. What I don’t want to do is let the music run over and be cut off by a click to the next page, nor do I want it to stop too soon, or just at the wrong moment.

All this, while keeping the musical “narrative” fairly intact, aside from a few single strums or a couple notes that hang like bells and produce a great effect in their simplicity.

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