HYPERTEXT PROJECT 3: Working With Windows, and Stretchtext

April 15th, 2012 by susan

I knew that finding a format for this to all work correctly in Windows was going to present the most problems, and it has.

It’s been a while since I played in the Windows file system so I had to look through the Windows Explorer first and figure out paths. At some point in the O/S progression, the Documents, Desktop, and a few other folders are not necessarily under the “C” drive as they used to be. I was aware of this, and that’s why I selected “Programs” as the best path off of the C drive, figuring that all Windows users are most likely to have that set up the same. So I kept it simple and tried it out.

First, in the “abobWin” folder on the thumbdrive, I changed some of the page code links to:

“C:/Program Files/abobWin/abottleofbeer.html”

Didn’t take long for me to realize that I’d forgotten that Windows uses a different form, which would be:

“C:\Program Files\abobWin\abottleofbeer.html”

But what part of the forward/backward slash system was needed for Windows and what for html?

Seems it works with the Windows method, “C:\Program Files\” and that’s a good thing.

What’s not so good is that the script for jQuery stretchtext isn’t working in the Windows environment. Though all the “hidden” text shows up, it doesn’t “not” show up.

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