January 7th, 2015 by susan

So, with decorations down and cookies frozen for the future, I’m turning attentions back to writing. And of course, to projects left unfinished or unpublished, or just untweaked into format as guilt overwhelms new creative genius.

One of those projects is a hypertext that needs a real nice Spanish guitar plunking. However, frustrated with rejections and reticence, I bought myself a) a broken guitar, and b) a gourd thumb piano:

Gourd Thumb Piano







I’ve no recognizable musical talent. However, I do possess both determination and an oblivion to failure.

Finally, it came to me: the first three bars: 1-1-3-3/1-1-3-3/1-1-3-4-3.

I’m sure I can fill 20 minutes or so from there.


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