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BLOGGING & CODE: Technical Issues

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Didn’t realize that while I neatly took the distracting tabs out of the banner, I also cut off all ways of getting back to the main page, or home (and the rolling archive menu doesn’t give us that either).

Steve pointed this out to me and helped locate the problem; that of the easy Dashboard method of installing a custom banner. With that, you need to “hide text” or the silly thing shows through. By hiding the text, the banner is no longer a link to the main page. For now I’ve added a “HOME” widget (not working right at this point) to the sidebar as he also suggested until I can find the proper way of making the banner work as it should. This didn’t happen in Typepad, so I didn’t even think of checking and am thankful that Steve pointed it out.

BLOGGING & CODE: I give up.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Three weeks spent on this move, upgrading, exporting, tweaking, and all I did was upgrade WordPress 2.7 again to 2.7.1 and all my efforts just went to hell.

It’s just not worth it.

UPDATE: Some of the problems I encountered are in this Spinning post so I won’t duplicate them here, but with about an hour’s worth of additional work, I got things back to normal.

BLOGGING & CODE: The Technical Side

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Since Typepad doesn’t allow a 404 or 301 redirect page, and since I can’t understand how to play with the templates to get something in there, I’ve come up with a semi-workable solution that will at least help the external links to the weblogs if not to the direct postings (for particular projects like Storyspace or Facade or in Spinning, literature reviews). After deleting the old Hypercompendia weblog (Spinning’s just password-protected for now–it’s tough to pull the plug on 5 years of my life), I’ve created a new weblog in Typepad with the same Hypercompendia name and posted the link to the new WordPress weblog to serve as a redirect. It looks like this:


This will work only because my Typepad account is paid up in advance for quite a few months so I believe it’s well-worth the money to redirect to the new weblog, even if only taking care of a portion of the searches and links. Now to do something like this with Spinning.

BLOGGING & CODE: If You Build It, They Will Come…

Monday, February 9th, 2009

…and they’d better, since I destroyed the old Typepad Hypercompendia this morning and put up a temporary lock on Spinning.

Couldn’t find a way to redirect a Typepad hosted weblog anywhere else, although internally, the permalinks here and at Spinning are correct (except within posts). I tried a bunch of ways and can’t even come up with a 401 page much less a 301 unless I am willing to pay to have someone handle it for me. It’s just not worth it and I’m overdosed on this move and want to get back to reading and writing and playing with new narrative forms. There’s only one more possibility and that’s through Google but I’d still have to find some way of putting up a redirect template on the Typepad weblog and it’s more trouble than it’s worth, I think.

Been playing with logos here, and I’ve just slapped the old one up with new text for now until I come up with something exquisite.

In the meantime, I apologize if anyone has a hard time finding me; I did give my two-week notice.


Sunday, February 8th, 2009

The bad part about designing a logo is that it doesn’t take long to come up with something you think is cool. The next bad thing is giving up the old one that you thought was so cool.

This one’s sort of glitzy and bold, but I like it. The good thing is that I am not so crazy about it that I’ll let it sit for a year, afraid that I won’t come up with something better. Now I have to adjust the font colors a bit, maybe make the links really red. The background will likely remain white though I might fiddle a bit with a super light gray.

BLOGGING & TECHNOLOGY: Uploading large files

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Just a note because I’m sure I’ll need this information long after I’ve forgotten how to do it.

When uploading a large file, i.e., media, and WordPress uploads gives a 2M limit, upload directly via Lunar’s cPanel into wp-content/uploads/2009/12 (or whatever year and month)

To upload it into a post, upload via the URL with the

I’m duplicating this post from Spinning because I’ll likely need it here more often than there with audio, video, flash, etc. files.

BLOGGING: Getting my new face around…

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

…by registering with Technorati Profile

BLOGGING: Update on Migration

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

What she said.

BLOGGING: Brandy-new

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Just completed the WordPress 2.7 upgrade here, and successfully transferred the posting content from the Typepad site over here. Have yet to check out the permalinks so that they may be redirected, export or simply rebuild the sidebar with categories, links, etc., and see what I can leave behind at Typepad.

Then the fun part, a new look with color and redesigned heading.

Or maybe I’ll do that first.

BLOGGING: Messing with Time

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Well, yeah, I did it without warning you as I promised but it’s already done and put back in correct chronological time–that is, blogging time which places the latest entry on top instead of after the previous one–so if you didn’t visit in the 40 minutes it took me to copy and paste then likely don’t even know something was wrong here.

And, it was easier sometimes and sometimes it was the most frustrating transfer of information ever.  For some reason, the Mac is set up not to include images or to replicate font, or font size.  It also refused to let me copy more than one post at a time (and that had to be copied backwards) if I didn’t catch it at a header.  In other words, it was a royal pita and it would’ve taken more time for me to figure out why it wasn’t working than to just work with its moods.

So now I have a copy of all Storyspace posts in chronological order in document format.  All I have to do is pretty it up a bit with the images and type.