October 19th, 2009 by susan

A Bottle of Beer

A hot afternoon, a woman with decades of memories, and the cool relief of a bottle of beer.

On The Very Last Day, He Imploded

This story began and ended at a 24-hour Tunxis Arts Marathon, and the image used in the title page was from a photo taken out of my hotel room window at the Hypertext 2008 event in Pittsburgh.

Maude Nichols

Sort of a “Choose Your own Adventure” mixed with the “Perils of Pauline” hypertext piece that can be a short, quick read, or a more indepth look at long-lasting marriage.

Dimensional 1 and 2

A sci-fi look at alternate spaces and alternate beings.


A rather dark reminder of memories that awaken at the oddest times in our lives.

Evilution I and 2

More prose than story, yet this concept of the future may need to be hidden within prose.

Revenge of the Kilobytes

Computers taking over the world? It starts with that small first step in your own home.

Something Dark

Nature and the Night join forces against a boy.

The Body

Those first nights of being alone.

The Scent of Sundays

Sometimes memories are made up of a single moment.

What We Missed

Another after-the-apocalypse tale with a twisted sense of humor.

Earth to Moon

A new take on a classic.