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STORYSPACE: Still a’workin’

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Still looking for that perfect html template that will give me the ability to reproduce any Storyspace (or Tinderbox) work I do here at the ranch. I found the way to export it here easy enough, but of course want something more exciting than the white full page background with black verdana font and blue links. After checking out both Steve’s place and the Eastgate Reading Room I know the capability is there and that it is merely my own ability and skill that is lacking. I have copied at least twenty five different methods into the Storyspace html template to either easily change those two features (elements and attributes?) or drag in a css, but even though my template and stylesheet pass the test with this very valuable online tool call a validator, there’s something very simple (and stupid on my part) that I’m missing. It is fun to track down solutions to problems; it’s something my analytical mind was formed in convolutions to do. The only problem is that I forsake all else to stay on the trail. It would probably be a lot faster if I just took a class or read a book to understand the whole picture of hypertext rather than my own manner of plunging in and learning only by tracking down the problems. Not as much fun and frustration, perhaps; just faster.


Sunday, February 8th, 2009

The bad part about designing a logo is that it doesn’t take long to come up with something you think is cool. The next bad thing is giving up the old one that you thought was so cool.

This one’s sort of glitzy and bold, but I like it. The good thing is that I am not so crazy about it that I’ll let it sit for a year, afraid that I won’t come up with something better. Now I have to adjust the font colors a bit, maybe make the links really red. The background will likely remain white though I might fiddle a bit with a super light gray.