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BLOGGING: Pulling the Plug

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Finally did so on the old Hypercompendia site at Typepad since I’m getting spammed over there and also find that the search engines likely still bring folks there (where for some strange reason, even while I deleted all files the posts are still available on the server I guess) rather than here.  So if you’ve not rebookmarked (how quaint) or updated your feed, for all intents and purposes I’m lost to you.

Haven’t quite had the guts to cut the cord to Spinning at Typepad yet, but getting itchy on that one as well. Typepad was a wonderful service and home to me for over five years but I needed the capabilities that WordPress gives me to expand. The only thing Typepad didn’t allow me to do was an automatic redirect so the sooner I establish the new weblogs on their own, the better.