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HYPERTEXT: Keynote Editing

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

I’m going to play the “Rehearse” feature on this today which times it out (along with comments), but here’s the latest editing in “Lightbox” View:

HYPERTEXT: Keynote as a Hypertext Experience

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Realized as I was working on this that Keynote can be a hypertext piece in that a click on a box (if that’s how progression is made) brings in a new box that continues the story.  Here’s an uncut view of the work in Lightbox mode:

Obviously it’s too long a slideshow for the time allotted, so more work is being done to either delete or “skip” by slides, but the point is clear that for now, it’s a strictly linear line of “story.”  This can change if I wanted to jump around within the framework by marking certain slides to go elsewhere from the trail.  I can–and have–some real hyperlinks in there as well. Those noted are all in the credits slide, but it would have been possible to jump out from the slideshow itself onto the web at any point.

Now to the hard work of editing.