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NEW MEDIA – Morpheus Photo Mix

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Not as impressed at all with the photo mix feature. While I did not select maybe the best to work from and don’t have the experience yet to have that in mind prior to selection, it seems that while features such as nose, eyes, mouth, can be spot on, the rest of the images just sort of overlay each other and end up looking weird. The samples provided in the tutorial look to have some more work done on the backgrounds that I haven’t quite figured out, so practice may be the key. The other possibility is to first make the images more alike via Photoshop, then put them into Morpheus. Then again, I think Photoshop may already have a morph feature.

Anyway, here’s the layout with the final in the preview window at the bottom right. I think I’ll play a bit more with the warp feature, and maybe a little with the morph again before I stock this experience for the future.

NEW MEDIA – Morpheus – Warp Mode

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Just played a little with the warp feature of Morpheus, and though it might be a neat thing, I still firmly believe that Photoshop may be the more flexible method of distorting a photo to get the effect that is wanted. However, I will try it for something in the future, using the points at perhaps a more selective, carefully plotted progression. The triangles that show up when the points are moved could be done in a “slower” or more “frequent” series, to achieve the effect.

That said, here’s a quickie:  Window Warp

NEW MEDIA – Morpheus Morphing and Warp

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

This project has just been a dabble really, working with images that have already been used and worked into a short film clip. This, I think, was the easiest way to get into the program quickly, since I was focusing on 1) using more than two images, and 2) morphing rather than warping.

Now I’m playing a bit with the warp feature and already, while I think it’s neat, I don’t think it’s as flexible as what I’ve done in Photoshop. I think that in Photoshop, using the Liquify feature, there was a lot of fine detail moving that used a point that could be controlled by the cursor as to what was moved and how much and in what direction (also, the size of the selector tool). Morpheus would work differently, using dots as markers set up on one image, then moved point by point (dot by dot–see photos in post below) where there could of course be a lot of control and accuracy, depending upon number of points placed, but it would be a lot of work.

Also, Photoshop allowed the use of other tools in its vast array; color tones, shadows, effects, etc. whereas Morpheus does not include anything like this in the software.

I’ll see what I can come up with in Morpheus using Warp, starting with a new image and post soon on the progress.

NEW MEDIA – Morpheus Recycling .swf file

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

I think I have it here in a flash file:

Recycling Transition

The other thing is that I was able to fix a major mess up in the marking layout; what happened was that I must have been moving a dot and hiccuped, thus moving the dot way northeast of where it was originally on the previous image. This resulted in some odd stuff happening.

I never would have figured out how to fix it until I selected “show triangles” from one of the menus and came up with this, which obviously showed the dot that was off on vacation (can’t see it here, it’s been fixed, but think of taking one of these dots and moving it and the resulting effect on the pattern).

NEW MEDIA – Morpheus – A couple kinks

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Well, aside from some major mess-ups–didn’t realize that any dots added to an image in the sequence adds dots to ALL the images, even those prior to that image, I’ve put together this file from the Recycling segment. Problem is, that while I can email the preview in a .swf version, I can’t seem to send it to a website like this to include it in a post.

Workin’ on that problem.


NEW MEDIA – Morpheus – Looking at the work space

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Found out that yes, I can do a series of images into Morpheus though I haven’t finished the sequence. What concerned me was that I wanted to be able to replicate (for now, as practice) the Recyling transition from face to fetus that needs to be done in stages. Since it follows the lines of a poem, the images relate to those specific lines, and this is what happens throughout that poem, from Poe turning into Jesus Christ, to the finale of tunnel to birth canal. This may come up in future work.

Evidently this can be done. I’ll have the short clip ready probably tomorrow, but the work area of the program, at the portion where I’m currently working–image three into image four– is below. What is being done is dots made on one image show up on the others (that follow), then those marker dots can be moved on the next image to bring them into sync when the sequence is run. More later.