Hypertext fiction, or hyperfiction, is a narrative written in semi-linear format. So while it may follow a specific linear time-based story, there may also be optional paths (indicated in another text color) which branch off to follow another idea or theme that eventually will lead back to complete a story.

Hypertext offers a different viewpoint, via changing pov, time, or space, or merely by giving some background that can enhance the reader's enjoyment. It is up to the author to present a full and satisfying story no matter which path is taken, so there should be no fear of "missing" important story points. Online, the story is viewed "page" by "page" according to reader choice of clicks.

In Something...Dark, the main linear story is told by a third person narrator who watches both a boy trying to get safely home and the Night that toys with him. Hypertext links that progress the story are in a different color to make them obvious as a new path; followed links turn to another color. If you come upon a page that has already been viewed, there is good reason for it. Follow a new link out. Or, if all links have changed, choose one and see where it takes you. Note that placement of the writing space on the screen may also indicate change in pov, time, or space. While a reader may develop his own pattern of clicking, one suggestion is to read the entire page before selecting a link.

At the end of each page there is a "help" button which will bring you back here where you will have the option of refreshing your memory with the directions, visiting the Story Map, or making a graceful exit. To get back to where you left the story from here (or to return to a previous page while reading), click 'back' on your browser button.

I hope you enjoy the story and the experience of hyperfiction. Susan Gibb

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