November 22nd, 2007 by Susan

Have a couple of different options for rearranging Paths, but I’m starting with the renaming of the Writing Spaces to make it a more relevant thread to follow.  I’d named them hurriedly, obviously copycatting some of Steve Ersinghaus’ formula as well as sticking to my keywords from the original format and trying to keep the characters in line.  In my excitement and totally clueless as to the purpose of how titles can work to the advantage of the narrative, I negated a useful tool.  Especially in this piece, the titles should have some semblance of theme and in renaming them, that’s what I’m trying to focus upon.

The biggest roadblock right now is deciding how to form bridges that allow more freedom with the stories without upsetting the basic narrative thread of each.  This is a biggie.

In the meantime, I’m also seeing plenty of areas where I can expand upon the piece that would not be filler, but make the whole a bit more meaningful and interesting.  These characters have journeyed quite far since their initial meetings; this is where I’m seeing things about them that brought them to the possibilities of where they may be.

If I didn’t really like this particular work, I would readily drop it and get into something new from scratch.  I think that’s the better way to be working in Storyspace.  This piece though, it just wants me to work on it. 

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