HYPERTEXT: Hypertextopia – Ease of Use

March 24th, 2008 by susan

No doubt about it, some of these things like Storyspace and Hypertextopia are just so user friendly that there is no interference with the forces that lead a writer into and through the telling of his story.  While I see the maneuvering within a software program as creative, it’s not something you want to be switching on and off as you follow a thread of idea. 

With the wrapping up of A Bottle of Beer, I sort of feel a cutting of the cord since it is on Jeremy’s website that he’s established and graciously offered to writers for their use.  I do know one thing, that since the site was so simple to get in and walk around in and do some heavy editing, I was there or logged in almost constantly the last month.  I’m sure his stats will drop just from my final severing of the editorial ties. 

Not sure what’s going to grab all my attention now that that piece is done (or fairly so), so what I’m going to do is try to work on one in the Storyspace environment, edit Paths–my first piece in Storyspace, and get some work done in a few other areas before I fall into my focus mode and lose myself again in story.

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