HYPERTEXT: Hypertextopia – Tying Knots

March 1st, 2008 by susan

Tried to get an alternate path thing going here, mainly because I had seen a similar go around in one of the other published pieces and wondered how it works.  Well, for me, it doesn’t; not if I want all the information to be read.  It appears that a reader could slip through the loops and move onward without reading both sides of this particular knot of information.  Now that would be fine too; as long as the information is not vital to the story and in this form of hypertext, for me, for this story, it is.  Now I can untie this particular knot and thread it out in linear structure, and I can put some ”enhancement” information in a knot such as this, but…why? While that my be rewarding the picky reader, wouldn’t it be penalizing the more relaxed, click onward reader for missing that one chance? (referenced ‘knot’ is in lower left–right by my smiling face which I am too lazy to put into Photoshop to crop out).

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