HYPERTEXT & CODE: Working on…

March 5th, 2009 by susan

…two scenarios in the learning of html and all that. The first is a minor quirk whereby the right (third) ‘column’ begins below the center when there IS a center column, and I think that may have to do with the margin setups I put in but for now that’s not a priority. I’m also looking into the grid layout as a better alternative to this structure since then the placement of text or image can be wherever I choose rather than dependent upon its buddies.

The second thing I’m working on is the background-image: url (“http://susangibb.net….jpg”) to replace the solid colors either of the whole page, or within the specified bordered areas. This one seems just out of reach because it should be simple and I’m getting close to the resolution but not quite there yet.

Meanwhile, in the background, I’m reviving the Storyspace piece Pigeon and Shoe with new characters and considering what to do about Paths.

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