July 26th, 2009 by susan

Hiding Secrets

66hidingsecretsWhat’s been taking so long with these stories is a general dissatisfaction with my writing lately. The stories need to sparkle just as much as I can make them and that usually takes me days, weeks, months of editing even on short stories.

The time here is spent on the development into the hypertext format. While I’m getting a little better and faster at having all the tools handy and ready as I write the first draft, there’s still plenty of going back and rereading, rewriting. Today I believe I deleted more words than are contained in the final form. And this still for me is not the final version.

In exploring the hypertext aspect I’ve had all different approaches; different endings, all leading to the same ending, carrying the reader through almost the entire story but in different sequences, and depending on the reader to read the story several times to discover all its meanings by leading him out.

It’s ruining my posture, my frame business, my garden, my social life. But it’s something I have to see through to its logical end.

8 Responses to “100 DAYS PROJECT: #66”

  1. Neha Says:

    Woman…you are GOOD..!

  2. susan Says:

    You’re sweet, thank you. But I know when all I’m doing is putting words together rather than a well-written story. It’s the reason I don’t think the nanowrimo (whatever) is a great idea.

  3. Michael Solender Says:

    Oh My! Such devotion..when you learn the secret I do hope you will share..

  4. susan Says:

    Thank you, Michael! The devotion, for me, was the writing of 100 of these hypertext stories in 100 days as part of the 2009 100 Days Project and there was not secret to that; just a daily deadline!

  5. Walter Says:

    Such a weave, my head is warping and woofing, . . . and you are “putting together words” so very well!

  6. susan Says:

    It takes some getting used to, Walter! When I first started reading hypertexts, I felt like I kept getting in the wrong line at the supermarket. You just have to relax and have confidence in the author’s skill that he/she wouldn’t lead you into an unsatisfying experience, that there is no “wrong” or right choice of paths. And, that if you think you might’ve missed something you can always reread it and take different links.

  7. michelle elvy Says:

    yes! susan! i just love this, and I keep coming back to it, too. each time different, each time a new experience. such varied paths, such a maze of experience/words/feelings/possibilities… wonderful addition to this month’s Blog Carnival — thank you so much!

  8. susan Says:

    Thanks, Michelle! I’m getting around to thinking about writing another hypertext story, it’s so much fun to write that way, without limitation of path!

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