NEW MEDIA: Alan Bigelow’s My Nervous Breakdown

May 19th, 2010 by susan

A new digital story from one of my favorite writers of new media, Alan Bigelow, is now available at Webyarns.

It’s a flash piece, and as with all of Alan’s work, it is thought-provoking and contemporary in this day of wondering what the world is all about and how and where we happen to fit in. The carnival effect which is one of the backgrounds of the visual is so telling of what we often feel inside our brains, the whirl of movement, the noise of a crowd that surrounds us, the focus inward despite the blur that represents the world of people pacing at a different speed. I like the opening of military stringency that places a burden on the mind and body and the coughing that may indicate that we just don’t measure up–perhaps hinting at fatal flaw of smoking, or dependency that helps yet hinders our achievement of our goals.

I love the simple statements that are relevant to us all and yet reach beyond the norm: “My brain is in the past, present and future tense” and my favorite: “My brain is the last place I look for my keys.”Meanwhile, relevant facts of more physical reference float by as if secondary to the revelations of self-analysis.

But each opening space offers something else. Entering via a different path of “The Metaphor Room,” we are given a different pace, a dreamlike spot in the brain that oddly is more of a reality as it expands away from self to the interaction with others. with a seemingly more empirical knowledge of the world.

More of Alan’s work can be viewed at Webyarns, as well as archived at the ELO Directory.

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  1. alan bigelow Says:

    Thanks, Susan, for this post. I appreciate it!

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